Thursday, August 21, 2008

Current Favorites

This is a list of current, favorite restaurants of mine. They are generally new discoveries, or places that are long-time favorites that I enjoy returning to. The reason they aren't on my All-Time Favorites list may be because I haven't visited them enough times, or that they're "very good" but just not as great as the food experiences I've had at the restaurants on my All-Time Favorites list. (^_~)

  • Animal (Los Angeles, CA) - Buttery, luscious and downright seductive dishes dominate this new restaurant a few doors down from Canter's on Fairfax. Pork Belly, Foie Gras and much, much more! :)
  • Mariscos Chente (Mar Vista, CA) - This delightful Sinaloan / Nayarit specialist serves up a full spectrum of delicious Shrimp dishes, in addition to their mouth-watering, stunning Pescado Zarandeado (a Sinaloan / Nayarit-style Open-Grilled Fish)!

  • Ichimian (Honten) (Torrance, CA) - L.A.'s best Soba Noodle specialist. Enjoy the supple glory that is Ichimian's daily, fresh-made Soba Noodles. Simple, delicious slurping! (^_^)

  • Palate Food+Wine (Glendale, CA) - A surprising, wonderful Food and Wine Bar in Glendale! Simple, relaxed, sleek atmosphere. An ever-changing menu reflecting seasonal items, and interesting Mediterranean Small Plates (and those Rillettes! :)

  • Komameya (こ豆や) (Kyoto, Japan) - The purity of Yuba (the light, delicate surface layer of Tofu), in a charming little cafe amidst a charming residential neighborhood in Kyoto. Warm, genuine service, and great food.

  • Mori Sushi (Los Angeles, CA) - Chef Mori's knife skills, custom-grown Rice, and amazing Sushi continues to astound at this small, venerable Westside Sushi restaurant. It may be pricey, but the quality is unquestionable.

  • Valentino (Santa Monica, CA) - A wonderfully romantic setting; delicious Italian food; and a great Chef's Tasting Menu. Be sure to ask for Paul Sherman to be your guide for an excellent Wine Pairing with the great food! (A return visit, here.)

  • Izakaya Bincho (Redondo Beach, CA) - The current incarnation of Yakitori Bincho. While it lacks some of the best menu items from before, an evening with the authentic, down-to-earth Japanese cooking of Tomo-san is one of life's great pleasures. :) (Another visit, here.)

  • Shin Sen Gumi Robata-Yaki (Fountain Valley, CA) - Shin Sen Gumi's food may not be the best in town, but there's something simply *fun* and uplifting about eating in this restaurant that's truly a great House Party Incarnate (serving my favorite Sake in the world (^_~)).

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