Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tokyo: Kyushuu Jangara Ramen (九州じゃんがららあめん 秋葉原本店) - Disappointment

On this day in our Japan Trip, we were off to Akihabara, and we had heard about a somewhat famous Ramen shop called "Kyushuu Jangara." It was touted as a place to get authentic Kyushuu-style Ramen, down home and tasty. We found the Ramen shop in a little alley in the heart of Akiba.

With a humble, hole-in-the-wall storefront like that, it must be home to some good Ramen, right? Sadly, Kyushuu Jangara turned out to be a huge disappointment.

Here's a pic of their humble interior, with the really spicy pickled vegetables you can add on, or their fresh grated garlic:

We ordered the Zenbuiri Ramen, which basically had every type of topping they served there. Our bowl arrived and we were anxious and eager to try out this much-talked about place:

From the first bite, we knew there was something wrong. Zenbuiri Ramen comes with all their toppings so it had two types of Pork (Chashu and Buta Kakuni), spicy Mentaiko (Fish Roe), Bamboo, Green Onions and the Egg. One bite into the Chashu and disappointment started to set in: The Chashu Pork was so tough and old it was really disappointing. It was worse than some of the Chashu at the mediocre Ramen shops here in Southern California! :( The Bamboo was the preserved kind, and it was so overpowering (the odor / scent) that it took away from the rest of the Ramen. The Noodles themselves were so-so. And then the ultimate disappointment was with the Egg: It was overcooked and completely hard-boiled and chalky.

The only highlight of this bowl of Ramen was the Buta Kakuni which was pretty tender (it's slow stewed pork after all), but from the extremely oily broth, terrible Chashu, overcooked Egg, overpowering Bamboo and so-so Noodles, Kyushuu Jangara Ramen was a total letdown. The Ajisen Ramen that we visited in Kabuki-cho had better Ramen than here. My Ramen Hound friend who joined me on this Japan Tour completely agreed as well: Utter disappointment.

Rating: 6.8 (out of 10.0)

Kyushuu Jangara
(Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan)
九州じゃんがららあめん 秋葉原本店
Tel: 03-3251-4059

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