Thursday, April 10, 2008

Japan Trip: Night 1 - Shinjuku & Kabuki-cho!

So we arrived at Narita airport and transferred to our wonderful hotel in Shinjuku. It's a spacious, gorgeous hotel room with nice amenities! Easily the best hotel room I've stayed at in the last 5 years anywhere!

We settled in (for like 10 minutes) and then grabbed our cameras to head out to explore and grab some dinner! (^_^) This is the first view as we walked out of our hotel lobby: My first look at Shinjuku, Japan! Yatta! (^_^)

It was a brisk, cold night (~50-degrees F), but it felt much colder than that. Seeing Shinjuku and Kabuki-cho at night (our first impression of Tokyo), it lived up to everything I thought it'd be! Exciting, Bright, Neon, Cyberpunk, Full of Energy and much more. More wacky / amazing shots of Shinjuku:

Here's the amazing Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku! A massive, multi-story building all devoted to camera and electronics!

And here's an entire building devoted to Karaoke! (O_O)

We finally entered Kabuki-cho (in our futile search of Keika Ramen mentioned earlier):

Kawaii MJ Parlor:

And a wacky Demon Karaoke building!

We finally ended our night with a return to the hotel and a look at a pretty Hina Matsuri display:

And that was only our first night. Our first full day (in the morning) was even more amazing...

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