Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Japan Trip Day 7: On to Kyoto!

So on the 7th day of our Japan Trip, it was the last morning in Tokyo and we started our exciting journey to the old imperial city of Kyoto. Here are some early morning shots of Tokyo as we leave by bus to the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Station.

Kawaii Hello Kitty Bus that we passed by:

At the Shinkansen Station, with the Bullet Train to Kyoto just arriving:

The famous Bullet Train was *so* spacious and comfortable! You could recline your seat all the way back and get a nice horizontal sleep. :)

Mount Fuji!

Some cool nature views from the Shinkansen:

Old-fashioned neighborhood where there are still free-standing residential houses (and not just tall apartment buildings):

We finally arrive in Kyoto!

Kyoto is definitely a completely different city and different way of life than Tokyo. We immediately felt the laid-back, relaxing, slower life style from the moment we stepped off the Shinkansen. These are shots of one of the biggest main streets in Kyoto. As you can see it's much more old-fashioned, lower horizons, and just different from Tokyo in every way possible:

Gorgeous Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) were in full bloom throughout Kyoto when we arrived as well! (So awesome! (^_^))

Our hotel, Kyoto Kokusai Hotel:

A typical and old-fashioned shopping street nearby:

Someone's car and garage *inside* the shopping street area! (It was a shop, shop, house/garage (this pic), shop, shop, etc.!):

Then the shopping street opened up on one side to this quaint little neighborhood park (and then continued with more little shops right afterwards):

The coolest giant slide ever! Why don't they have cool slides like this back home?

It finally ended in front of this cool-looking building:

By now it was near 12 Noon, and time for lunch. Our first lunch in Kyoto was a great experience in Yuba mastery!

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