Thursday, April 24, 2008

Japan Trip Day 7: Kyoto's Beautiful Sakura in Maruyama Park!

So after the wonderful Yuba lunch we had, we were off to see the fully blooming Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) in Kyoto! We were truly blessed, after having arrived in Tokyo earlier just in time for the full-bloom of the Sakura, when we arrived in Kyoto it was also full-bloom and all the locals were out this day! We headed off to Maruyama Koen (Park), a popular Hanami spot. There were so many people heading over to Maruyama Koen that we got out of our taxi 3 blocks away and walked (because it was faster).

Throngs of people out to see Kyoto's finest Sakura:

Absolutely gorgeous, unique Sakura Trees different from the ones we saw in Tokyo:

Classic Hanami party with the locals:

Beautiful Kyoto architecture amidst the Sakura:

A kawaii logo, total Kyoto-style (^_^) -

More gorgeous scenery throughout Maruyama Park:

Festivities with Food Booths (Matsuri Festival-style):

It was time to leave and head back to the hotel for our Kaiseki dinner:

Some beautiful scenery along the way back to the hotel (we decided to walk part of the way):

I discovered some wonderful Sakura festivities along the riverbank!

More people and festivities along the river:

Phew! At this point, we realized we were still too far away from our hotel and needed to quickly get some transportation help. :) We got on the Kyoto Subway system (much quieter and less crowded than Tokyo), and got back to our hotel in time to prepare for dinner.

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