Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Japan Trip Day 6 - Fashion-crazy Shibuya!

On our last day in Tokyo, after a great uber Ramen lunch, we headed off to see the much-talked about center of energy known as Shibuya... on a Saturday.

We had heard it could be a madhouse, especially on the weekends, and just like our previous days' experiences, nothing could've prepared us for the shock and crash of High Style with Street Style (and everything inbetween) as we stepped out of Shibuya station! Wow!

And I look up and see Ayu-chan greeting me (^_~):

It was literally a sea of people!

Looks like another season of Gokusen(!) got approved:

The famous Hachiko Statue in Shibuya. It really is a popular meeting spot for people!

Mad Commercialism kicking in right at the start of Shibuya:

Here's Shibuya Crossing. Yeesh! This was truly an *ocean* of people:

The famous Shibuya 109 Building (featured in various TV shows, movies and anime):

Bizarre buildings in Shibuya:

Somehow I don't think this is a real ER Ward:

Famous Shibuya O-East Club:

Cool Shibuya Beam building:

Nice Engrish wackiness:

The most popular arcade area for gals (some Print Club-like setup):

Tokyu Hands "1/3 level setup" (Floor 1a, 1b, 1c, Floor 2a, 2b, 2c...). The building was split into thirds (instead of full floors). Wacky:

Japan cornering the Kawaii (Cute) Market (^_^):

The COOL star of the OG Sapporo Ping Pong TV Commercials is back:

Shibuya Guy Style:

Looks like a really popular dessert shop:

Cool boutique entrance:

Shibuya Gal ("Gyaru") Style:

Very cool buildings:

Here's a shot-by-shot of the madness that is Shibuya Crossing:

This entire building is a giant TV screen! (seen in various movies)

By this time, evening had hit Shibuya and we were off to try one last memorable eatery before leaving Tokyo. With our brief impressions, Shibuya was truly an interesting and odd place: Fashion of all types colliding, where a certain air of pretentiousness filled the air (e.g., it had THE highest concentration of Mercedes Benz and various European exotics we had seen in all of Tokyo, in a small ~4 x 4 block area). I'd like to come back one more time at night and see what the nightlife is all about...

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