Sunday, April 13, 2008

Japan Trip: Day 5.5 - Nakano Broadway

So after the amazing glory that was Lunch at Menya Kissou, we headed off to properly appreciate Nakano and the packed mall that is Nakano Broadway (our friend had showed us a bit of it a few days earlier, but we were literally on a speed tour, just speed-walking through the entire area and leaving :).

Here's some shots of Nakano Sun Road / Nakano Broadway, just outside Nakano station:

Nakano Sun Road / Nakano Broadway is one gigantic mini-mall, with lots of quirky, interesting Japanese shops, eateries, and home of Mandarake, a big Anime and Manga-focused shop. Some pics of the inside shopping area:

It's just plain scary how much merchandise there is just for the Japanese world of Anime and Manga!

Afterwards, we had the most amazing Tonkatsu I've ever had in my life (not even close!), and then spent the rest of the evening back in Shinjuku. Here's a few more pics at night:

Sorry for the blurry pic (it was on the fly as the light was changing ;) - Here we have a fly-by-night Ramen Stand! In L.A., we have Taco Trucks that will drive and stop at some location at night and sell cheap (and usually) tasty Tacos. In Japan, they have cool, mobile Ramen stands that set up at night! Lucky! I wanted to try it but we were so full from dinner earlier...

This was some cool Izakaya / Pub with a wacky / cool Mascot! (^_^) Just had to take the picture. I didn't get a chance to try it. Maybe next time...

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