Saturday, April 26, 2008

Japan Trip Afternoon 8 - Kyoto Tour Continued...

So after the Heian Shrine (which was truly unique), we were taken to Sanjusangendo, which had a "no photography allowed" rule. It was a very interesting place full of countless buddha statues and other sculptures.

Our final destination of the tour was Kiyomizu Temple. When we got off the bus, our tour guide warned us about the extensive shopping to be had, and to hold off until after we visited the rest of Kiyomizu first. She wasn't kidding: The hilly street leading up to Kiyomizu was lined with lots of interesting shops (some touristy, some just fascinating and fun).

And we finally reached the temple area:

The purifying area:

Kiyomizu Temple is pretty huge as we soon found out. After that impressive starting area, it opened up to a huge balcony area, and we could see the other pathways and forest walkways that made up the entire area:

Then there was the lower area, where the origin point of this temple was according to our tour guide:

More sections of Kiyomizu:

Two beautifully-dressed, kimono-clad women. The patterns and decorum are amazing:

The long, descending stairs to the lower area of Kiyomizu:

More locals dressed up for the season:

At this point, we had to reconvene and it signaled the end of our whirlwind guided tour. We returned to our hotel and decided to head out and explore the Shijo and Gion area (as well as the Depachikas of Kyoto). (^_^) Here's Takashimaya Department Store:

Takashimaya's Depachika was just as abundant as what I saw from Keio in Shinjuku. Very nice and so tempting!

A cool shopping street off of Shijo Street:

An amazing Chopsticks Store, having so many varieties of chopsticks!

At this point, we turned onto an enchanting and beautiful-looking side street called Kiyamachi.

The infamous Beer sold in vending machines! :)

Kiyamachi had numerous eateries, that all gave a nice "locals" vibe. We eventually settled on a simple, homely restaurant for dinner...

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