Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Japan! Round 1!

Ah, Japan! The Land of the Rising Sun... The Country that created Sushi, Kushiyaki, Sake-filled Izakayas... The Home of Manga and Anime... Of Nurse-Maid-Goth-Cat-Girl Cafes, Drifting, Massive 10-Story-Tall Arcades, and much, much more. (^_^)

I've always wanted to visit Japan and during April 2008, I finally got my chance! I was able to visit Tokyo and Kyoto on this ~9 Day Trip, and I'll try and discuss all the eateries that I was able to hit along the way.

One thing that I will say: Japan is home to some of the most amazing cuisine I've ever experienced in my life! On this trip alone, I was able to experience THE Best Ramen (multiple times) I've EVER had; THE Best Sushi I've ever had; THE Best Kaiseki experience (although it was my first time (^_~); THE Best Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet); THE Best Buta no Kakuni (Stewed Pork); some of THE Best Yakitori / Kushiyaki; THE Coolest Izakaya ever; and... Horse Sashimi(!!!) and much, much more. It sounds like a hyperbole, but it's absolutely true: Absolutely wonderful food throughout Japan!

I'll be writing and catching up on all my pictures and thoughts this coming week.

Enjoy~ (^_^)/

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